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Poulton, Merseyside

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Hillside, Merseyside

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Kirkby, Merseyside

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Brooklands, Merseyside

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Childwall, Merseyside

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Moor Park, Merseyside

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Egremont, Merseyside

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Port Sunlight, Merseyside

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Woodchurch, Merseyside

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Haydock, Merseyside

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Wallasey, Merseyside

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About Wirral Dogging

If getting nude and nasty in the nature is your thing, you’ll appreciate the unique freedom that the best dogging site in Wirral can provide. We take the game to another level and facilitate quick and secure contact making within this community.

Dating sites have been around for a long time, but niche platforms like this are a product of innovative approach that values user convenience over raw number of clicks. By limiting the scope to dogging and closely related sex activities in the small geographic area consisting of Wirral county and its immediate surroundings, we put our members in the best position to meet someone they could actually invite for a drive through the countryside. The point is to use electronic communication only to set up a real life encounter, not to chat remotely forever.

Needless to say, protecting user privacy is our number one priority. User names can be chosen freely without regard to real names, which don’t appear anywhere on the site or in the accompanying invoices. Through data encryption and careful administration, intruders are kept away and abuse of any kind is brought under tight control. The technical side is handled professionally as well, with a very intuitive user interface and robust underlying data architecture. In essence, the site is designed to serve the dogging community and it provides optimal conditions for this sexual minority in Wirral.

Forget everything you heard about public sex and join the site today. At the very least, you will expand your horizons and make quite a few interesting friends. It is entirely possible that you will discover your true passion here, but you simply won’t know until you gather some courage and go on a dogging trip for the first time.

Check out some of the Merseyside doggers online now, looking for a shag tonight:

Top Dogging Spots in Merseyside

Leasowe Lighthouse, Nr Birkenhead

Head out for the coast on Leasowe Road. Just past the lighthouse, there is a large car park on the coastal side of the road. A quiet spot and favourite of those local to Birkenhead. Busy on Thursdays and Saturdays after 21:00.

Leasowe Lighthouse, Nr Birkenhead

Harrison Park, Wallasey

Approaching Harrison Park from Harrison Drive (B5477), take the last turning into the park, which will lead you to the most secluded area. Park at the far end of the car park and wait for others to join you if they haven’t already… A reliable fun dogging spot any time after nightfall, Thursday- Saturday.

Harrison Park, Wallasey

West Kirby Football Club Car Park

By night, another sort of ball is being played with here… Enter from Greenback Road, and drive right to the end, where the carpark bends into an intimate tree

West Kirby Football Club Car Park




Finding The Right Dogging Spots For You And Your Partner

You’ve discussed it with your partner, you’ve had your own fair share of car sex with each other and now feel you want to take it to the next level in exhibitionism. Yep, dogging is definitely something you both want to try, you even get horny just thinking about it so actually doing it will hopefully send you into the orgasm stratosphere.

So how do you find the right dogging spot? Surely all you need is any old car park or quiet place, park your car, get your sex on and wait for all those horny voyeurs and fellow exhibitionists to turn up begging for the action to start. Right?



How I Found Love Through Dogging

Single women and dogging don’t really go together and it is not something I would ever recommend any other woman doing. The risks of attack for a lone female in such a situation can be high. Men can view any woman on her own as being up for it regardless of whether she is or isn’t and I have heard numerous tales of single women being attacked.

But I am not a normal woman!



Snap your fingers and have outdoor sex in Wirral

It’s basically as simple as logging in to a dogging website and selecting the partner that appeals to you both physically and psychologically. The rest is just great fun.

We can all agree that vanilla sex tends to get a bit repetitive over time, no matter how much you may adore your partner. To counter the boredom, many singles and couples from the Wirral region seek new thrills wherever they can find them, often going out to make out in a location where their naked bodies are semi-exposed to public view. If we are to trust nearly everyone who ever tried dogging, it certainly beats sex in a darkened bedroom – and for some people it represents the best experience possible.



First Time Dogging in The Wirral

My boyfriend and I are both just starting to explore our sexuality as we have only been together for 6 months. My boyfriend has admitted that he is bi-curious and enjoys sex in public, and I have a bit of a kink about seeing him suck another man's cock as well as having a fetish about using glory holes in the Wirral mysel. So the thought of meeting local swingers in the Wirral and some Wirral dogging turns us on no end.

We first of all went on a dogging site called wirraldogging.co.uk, where we heard lots of people's dogging stories - from their first time dogging, to how to get into dogging. We picked up some great tips as well as making new friends who we hoped to meet up with in the future.